Thought for the month

Thought from Sainthill - August/September 2021

So! -after 7½ happy and fulfilling years in beautiful Sainthill I am moving away, and inevitably, although we’ve known of it for some time, and although it has been entirely my decision (God-guided, I hope and believe!), now that the time is here deep feelings of sadness and loving concern for many reasons rise to the surface. But having just crossed the way-mark of 18 months before reaching 70, I feel the time is right, while both I and the Sainthill family have the potential and energy for another stage in our journeys!
On many occasions I have paid tribute to you, the Sainthill Church Family, and I am privileged to do so again. Compared with many larger fellowships your level of commitment and caring is admirable. And that is not without difficulties, as many of you are very busy with farms, jobs, families, and other commitments -to say nothing of the battles with health and the advancing years that many of you have. I am conscious too that through these years I have been ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ (past and present) who started, and have faithfully continued, the various aspects of church life that I have been privileged to be involved in and enjoy.
A colleague and friend of mine some years ago said to me, “David, you’re no good at boundaries”, and that is true (and possibly a good thing). My walk with Sainthill and the local communities has always been more than a job, -it has been my family, my ‘children/grandchildren’ and friends too. So although it would be ‘bad practice’ to hang around locally on the side-lines of whatever the future holds for the Sainthill Family, I shall miss it all hugely, and will still hold every one of you as a valued friend. I hope to be back at times to share ongoing fellowship and friendship in church and local community activities.
For your prayerful interest: I will, God willing, be returning to my ‘old haunts’ in West Sussex, exchanging the breath-taking beauties of the Blackdown Hills for those of the South Downs, where a couple of opportunities in new spheres of service are opening. I would love to receive visits when God has set me up in the place he has prepared for me (as yet unknown, -Genesis 12:1b!). And do keep in touch!!
Our shared foundational rock is that of God’s presence, love and work in our lives, and his guidance and his plans for our futures, however long and whatever they may hold. For you, my prayers, love, and ongoing interest are my promise. May God bless us all in our ongoing journeys. I can sincerely say, with St. Paul, I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1)
With my love,

David     ( and 07716 205450; [home address t.b.a.!] )