Thought for the month

Thought from Sainthill - November 2019

We’re well into autumn, and where more beautiful to enjoy it than the edge of Blackdown? It is a privilege to live here, as I am reminded each day looking down from Sainthill across the valley of the River Ken. The rain -and the mud in our little lane- is a price worth paying!

Living as we do in mid-latitudes we feel the rhythm of the seasons. Summer birds have flown and our senses fill with the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’; leaves have turned to autumn tints and the first frosts will hasten ‘the fall’; the natural world prepares for sleep, silently to await the reawakening prospects of spring.

The seasons have been seen as a cycle of death and rebirth: “unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” Saying that, Jesus was thinking beyond planting seeds to living lives. He describes a process we all need to face at times. Something -an ambition, a job, a home, a pastime, habit, belief or preference- has to ‘die’ so that something new, better, greater can be ‘born’. From the fallen ‘seeds’ spring opportunities for new life and fresh grow; and the sacrifice proves worthwhile…. in hindsight. But we have to let go, -in trust and hope, and often that is personally very costly.

On the war memorial in my former church in London are the words, “Nothing is achieved without cost.” It is not just relevant to this month’s Remembrance Day, it is a thought worthy of serious consideration, as the seasons of life roll round for us all.

With my good wishes and prayers,

David   (Minister, Sainthill Baptist Church. Telephone, 260071)